Railroading in Indianapolis, 1868 City Directory

Today is going to be a graphics intensive entry…showing pages from the Indianapolis City Directories.

In the very back of the book, the City Directory lists the railroads in Indianapolis…and the distances to different cities across the state and across the country. Here is the two page list.

The Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railway. This ad, as mentioned, is for the “late Bellefontaine Railway.” Connecting to the east coast via what would become the New York Central system, as the railroad itself would become part.

The Baltimore & Ohio. At this point, just a railroad company that, with connections, can get you to the east coast. But what connections? Well, in 1868, they told passengers that they could reach the B&O if they left Indianapolis on the Columbus & Central Indiana. Strangely, when the B&O came into Indianapolis, it used a line that paralleled the Columbus & Central Indiana. The C&CI would become part of the Panhandle/Pennsylvania. The Junction would become part of the B&O.

The Cincinnati, Connersville and Indianapolis Junction Railroad. As mentioned above, when the Baltimore & Ohio came to Indianapolis, it was through the Junction. And this is the Junction in 1868. The CC&IJ claimed no connections in their ad…just a trip to Cincinnati. Twice a day. When it opens, which was scheduled for August 1868.

Another railroad that was working the crowd when it came to connections. Use the Jeffersonville, Madison & Indianapolis to get to Louisville, Nashville, Memphis and Mobile. This ad, was, however, for the connections that could be made in Louisville, on the Louisville & Nashville and the Louisville & Memphis. 24 hours to Memphis, and 48 to New Orleans!

New York City. And how to get there. The New York Central, in 1868, was not a railroad that operated in Central Indiana. However, you COULD get to the NYC via the Bee Line. And catch the only trains to New York City that didn’t have to be ferried into the city.

Above I mentioned the Columbus & Indiana Central Railroad. Here the ad for that railroad, although it is called the Columbus & Indianapolis Railway. The line would align itself with the Panhandle, and thus, the Pennsylvania Railroad.

The Indianapolis & Chicago Airline. Actually, it was the Indianapolis, Peru & Chicago. It would later become the Lake Erie & Western…and even later, the Nickel Plate line into Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis & Saint Louis Short Line. Today, it is the major railroad west out of Indianapolis, having been part of the Big Four, New York Central and Conrail. It was a joint venture, originally, involving the Pennsylvania and the New York Central. But when control of the Vandalia finally came into the PRRs hands, they got out of this venture. This line still exists…the Vandalia is long gone.

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