1878: Indianapolis Street Names and Addressing

When Indianapolis was being expanded, neighborhoods were just added to the city in a very piecemeal fashion. And as such, street names were erratic. Also, addressing was a lot different than it is today. This entry of Indiana Transportation History shows the Indianapolis City Directory street guide from 1878. The reason I chose this one is that it was the first to not only show the street names and locations, but the cross streets and house numbering. This was before the major street name changes and the readdressing of Indianapolis in the late 19th Century.

One of the things I have fun with is trying to place the street names. Most of the streets still have the same name. Some don’t. Some have just been completely removed for one reason or another. Agnes Street listed on the first page has been completely removed for the building of IUPUI. Japan Street started at the corner of Morris and East, and continued south to Raymond. Later, the name Japan was changed to East with the 1894 street name changes.

How many can you find? And how many changed your way of looking at the early history of Indianapolis?

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