Original State Roads 11-15

Today, I want to give a brief overview of the next five original state roads that were created with the law that created the Indiana State Highway Commission in 1919. I have covered the first ten, if you are interested, in these articles: “Dec 1917: Main Market Roads Officially Announced” and “Original State Roads 6-10.”

Original State Road #11: This road started in Greenfield, traveling north through Pendleton, Anderson, Alexandria, Marion, Mt. Etna, Huntington, and Roanoke ending at Fort Wayne. Most of the road in Grant, Huntington and Allen Counties was originally built as part of the Fort Wayne State Road, connecting the county seat of Allen County to Indianapolis. From Greenfield to Huntington, it would later be designated SR 9. The original US 24 used the rest of the original State Road 11.

Original State Road #12: This was the designation given to the original Indianapolis-Vincennes State road built in the 1830’s from Bruceville to (almost) Martinsville. It actually ended on the west bank of the White River opposite Martinsville. The southern end of the road was at original State Road 10 at Bruceville. In 1923, the state added the rest of the route from Martinsville to Indianapolis to the designated SR 12. That was discussed in the article “Original SR 22 – The “Fight” For the Way to Martinsville.” With the Great Renumbering, OSR 12 became part of State Road 67. (There is a reason for this road given the number 67…and I covered it in the article “SR 67 – Why?“)

Original State Road #13: Starting at Lewisville, on the National Road/OSR 3, heading north through New Castle, Muncie, Hartford City, Montpelier, Bluffton, and Ossian, to end with OSR 11 at Fort Wayne. The Great Renumbering changed this road to SR 3. Later, the northern section from east of Montpelier would be changed to SR 1 later.

Original State Road #14: This road started at Cannelton on the Ohio River, then north through Tell City and English, ending at Paoli. This road was marked on maps as going in a (as) straight (as possible in southern Indiana) line between English and Tell City. This road would become the new SR 37, sort of. The route would be changed along the way, especially from English to Tell City.

Original State Road #15: Starting at Logansport, the road travelled through Royal Center, Winamac, Knox, and Laporte to end at Michigan City. At the northern end, this road was part of the Michigan Road, but only a short section of it. (Basically the section from what is now the intersection of US 35 and US 20, following E. Michigan Boulevard into Michigan City.) As such, for all intents and purposes, it became a “Michigan Road” shortcut, connecting Logansport to Michigan City more directly. When the Great Renumbering happened, it was numbered as such…SR 29, the same number the ISHC gave to the Michigan Road from Logansport to Madison.

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