1904: Interurbans Before the Traction Terminal

Today, I am going to let the Indianapolis City Directory entries speak for themselves.

Indianapolis. One of the largest interurban centers in the United States. So much so that the parent company of the Indianapolis Street Railways company built what would be the largest traction terminal in the country. But before that was built, the many traction lines that were completed to Indianapolis boarded in assorted places around downtown Indianapolis.

1904 was the last year listed in the Indianapolis City Directory where traction company stops and offices were all over the place. Ahead will be a list of traction companies…some of which never really came into being. But, they are listed in the city directory.

4 thoughts on “1904: Interurbans Before the Traction Terminal

  1. There was an attempt at a traction line between South Bend and Logansport, following the Vandalia RR, between about 1908-1911, but only a short section of it was built on our property and just to the south. I’ve always been curious if any other short sections were built. No rails, just embankments prior to bankruptcy.


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