Road Trip 1926: US 31

Today, the focus is placed on what became one of the most important roads in Indiana. So much so, that before it became US 31, it was given the designation State Road 1. This route connected Michigan, north of South Bend, to the Kentucky and Ohio River at New Albany, through Plymouth, Rochester, Peru, Kokomo, Indianapolis, Franklin, Columbus, Seymour and Scottsburg. While the southern section was mirrored by another cross-country route, Interstate 65, the northern section has been rerouted, straightened, and bypassed, in places, with a controlled access high speed highway.

Editor’s Note: The last picture of this post shows US 31 ending in Jeffersonville. This is incorrect. These snippets are over a year old, and thus recreating them is difficult. For more information on the actual original Ohio River crossing of US 31, I have a link here to an article called “The Many US 31s of Floyd and Clark Counties.

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