The Beginning of I-465

In the early 1960s, the interstate system in Indiana was beginning to be put into place. By 1962, there was quite a bit of construction completed. One of the first highways that was working to completion was I-465 around Indianapolis. At the time, there already was a bypass highway of Indianapolis known as SR 100. Some of the contracts for the construction of I-465 was listed as being for SR 100. But the original plan for I-465 didn’t go all the way around the city. It actually was planned to complete the SR 100 loop.

MapIndy 1962 aerial view of I-65/I-465 area in Northwest Marion County.

The original plan for the interstate was for a 54 mile loop starting south from near 62nd and Lafayette Road. It would then be built (usually) within one half mile of the planned SR 100 route around Indianapolis. SR 100 had been planned to circle Indianapolis using, roughly: Shadeland Avenue, 82nd/86th Streets, High School Road, and Thompson Road. The final I-465 would be close to this. The only difference is that 465 would not be a complete loop. The end of the highway would be at I-65 near SR 334 and Whitestown.

The above MapIndy image shows the beginning of I-465 and the rerouting of High School Road, Lafayette Road and 62nd Street to make room for both I-465 and I-65. It also shows the temporary end of I-65 at Lafayette Road.

The original plan for I-465 would be completed before the section connecting the pictured area to the north leg near Zionsville Road and 96th Street.

MapIndy 1962 Aerial image of the Airport (now Sam Jones) Expressway interchange with I-465.

Further research of the MapIndy 1962 aerial photo shows that there were no interchanges at 56th or 38th Streets. Most of the rest of the exits were in place down to I-70, which didn’t exist in any form at the time. A glance at the Airport (now Sam Jones) Expressway interchange shows that going east from Weir Cook Indianapolis Airport (before it became Indianapolis International) there was nothing built yet. The Airport Expressway wasn’t. The area around I-70 would be put in place, although it would be several years until this section of that interstate went anywhere.

1962 MapIndy aerial image of I-70/I-465 area.

The end of construction of the starting section, according to the 1962 aerials, was just east of White River north of Thompson Road. A second section of construction occurred from just west of Ninth Avenue in Beech Grove around to Payne Road.

The cloverleaf interchange at I-74, which was already completed to Shelbyville, was in place, although there were no north/south connections.

1962 MapIndy aerial image of the end of I-465’s first section.
1962 MapIndy aerial image of the interchange between the future I-465 and I-74 on the east side of Marion County.

The original I-465, as planned, was completed in 1968. The north/south final section, originally called SR 100 (hence Park 100 Industrial Park in that area) was completed by 1972. It would be 1976 when the interstate system in Indianapolis would be “completed” with the final construction of I-65/I-70 downtown. (Some would argue that it isn’t complete, since I-169 from downtown to Fishers was never built. After almost 45 years, I believe was can honestly say that ship has sailed.)

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