1913 Indianapolis Car Sales Ads in the Indianapolis Star

While doing the article that will appear tomorrow, the newspaper I was looking at had car and tire ads. What stood out to me were the locations of the sales. Also, the prices on those things at the time. This would be 28 June 1913.

Tire ad from the Indianapolis Star of 28 June 1913.
Indianapolis Star, 28 June 1913, used car sales ad.

The following one is what really caught my attention. It looked like a plea to return a car. But no. It was an ad for a car. The location also grabbed my eye: 20 West Wabash Street. For those unfamiliar, that is the alley just north of the Circle, and just south of Ohio Street.

The last things I want to share are personal sales ads that were included in that newspaper.

I know this isn’t normal fare for my blog. But this is transportation history, of a sort. I thought it was interesting. I hope you do, too!


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