Addition of SR 331 and SR 17

1932. The Indiana State Highway Commission was getting its complete state road system, a little at a time since 1919, into a cohesive whole. Part of that was moving county roads to state control. One such road was SR 331.

The adding of SR 331 into the state highway system was announced on 14 January 1932. The plan was for the state to take over Dogwood Road south from the Dragoon Trail southeast of Mishawaka. It would follow Dogwood, or Bourbon, Road south to what is now SR 25 northeast of Rochester. This would place the road traveling east of Bremen, then through Bourbon and Tippecanoe.

The addition of this segment of road into the state highway system was started by the Bourbon Chamber of Commerce in 1930. The Chamber had asked that the Bourbon Road be included as a state highway. While becoming a state highway, it didn’t mean much for the road in the beginning. It would mean, eventually, that the state would start paving it. When was anyone’s guess. SR 331 was moved, later, to include Bremen as part of its travels. This would move the highway from the Dogwood (Bourbon) Road that it still follows north from SR 25 to the west to follow the Bremen Highway north to Mishawaka.

Another road added at the time was the Plymouth-Logansport Road. This road would carry traffic between those cities via Culver. This section of road was actually a continuation of a road across northern Indiana that connected Goshen, in Elkhart County, to Plymouth in Marshall County. That trail is to this day, in places, called the Plymouth-Goshen Trail. Following this route, travelers made their way from Goshen, through Bremen, to Plymouth. The continuation, as mentioned before, connected Culver and Logansport.

The Bremen Chamber of Commerce had lobbied for the inclusion of the entire trail complex, from Goshen to Logansport. This would have created two state roads to Bremen, added to the already extent SR/US 6 that traveled through the town.

In the end, the Plymouth-Goshen Trail was not included in the state highway system.

With the addition of these two roads, and almost 1,000 miles of other roads in the state, the Indiana State Highway Commission had control of around 10,000 miles of road facilities in the state. Ultimately, that total would never grow above 12,000.

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