Indianapolis’ Downtown Interstates – Original Idea

Today, I will be basically sharing three pictures…two of which are halves of one another. These pictures come from the Indianapolis News of 11 and 12 January 1960. They show the original ideas for the downtown connection between I-65 and I-70. The plans include those two highways – no more. As of January 1960, the only parts that had been designed to that point was I-65 west from the north split and the joint section from Washington Street north to the north split.

The original design had gone through many changes between 1960 and completion of construction in 1976. The original interchange between I-65 and I-70 would have been west of College Avenue, not east as it is now. On and off ramps at Massachusetts, Michigan, New York and Washington would have made for some interesting traffic patterns. The ramp patterns on the north I-65 leg would have been interesting, as well.

The design of Interstate 65, and its location, would start a cascade of legal and political moves that would delay completion of the highway until after the Federal money was supposed to stop being provided.

The picture of I-65’s north leg will be rotated to the right, with north to the top, due to the sheer size of the photo in the newspaper. This will allow for greater detail. I left the caption intact.

Indianapolis News, 12 January 1960
Indianapolis News, 12 January 1960

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