Fort Wayne Street Name Changes

The last entry, 1878: A Fort Wayne Street Guide, led me to looking up the subject of this entry. Indianapolis had gone through a major change of street names from 1894 to 1897. Fort Wayne, it appears, did the same. The following was reported in the Fort Wayne Daily News of 9 December 1897.

“The Names of Many of Our Thoroughfares to be Changed Next Month.”

“Last night the committee on streets and rules and regulations, a special committee appointed to change the names of all streets and avenues where the same name appears twice in the city streets, met and concluded it labors. Several new streets were names and some streets and avenues which were continuous or extensions of other streets, all experience changes of names.”

  • Fox Street, second east of Broadway, and Shawnee Avenue, extensions of the same street, changed to Fox Avenue.
  • Taber Street became Taber Avenue.
  • Pritchard Street changed to Lavina Avenue.
  • Nelson and Metz Streets changed to Nelson Street.
  • Trentman and Kinnaird Streets to Kinnaird Street.
  • Johns Avenue to Nutman Avenue.
  • Griffith Street, a continuation of Fairfield Avenue, to Fairfield Avenue.
  • Oneida Street, in South Wayne, to Wayne Avenue.
  • Locust Street to Chauncey Street.
  • Duryea Street to Poplar Street.
  • Dawson, Colerick and Charles Streets all to Masterson Street.
  • Allen Street and Park Place to Woodland Avenue.
  • Koch Street to Dawson Street.
  • Crescent Avenue (Bond’s Addition) to Meyer Avenue.
  • Hoffman Street to Hoffman Avenue.
  • Wells Street to Wells Avenue.
  • Ninth Street to McKee Street.
  • Tenth Street to Colerick Street.
  • North Street to Fairmont Avenue.
  • Ann Street to Ferguson Street.
  • Park Avenue (Nebraska) to Thieme Street.
  • Grace Street (Esmond’s Addition) to Esmond Street.
  • Grant Street to Findlay Street.
  • Shoals Street to Simons Street.
  • Lake Street (Aarcher’s Addition) to Maria Street.

This was after a first round of name changes that were recommended in April 1897. That list was much shorter. But it also looks like some of them never occurred. Especially the original recommendation of Ninth and Tenth Streets.

  • Hamilton Street, from Calhoun to Lafayette, Wallace Street.
  • Thomasetta Street, from Gay to Thomas, Hurd Street.
  • Julia Street from Thomas to Holton Avenue, Hurd Street.
  • Alliger from Pioneer Avenue to New Haven Road, Grant Avenue.
  • Winch from Pioneer to New Haven Road, Wabash Avenue.
  • Maumee Road to Maumee Avenue.
  • Penn from Alliger to Lumbard, Winch.
  • Hugh from Walton to Alliger, Alliger.
  • Eliza from Walton to Alliger, Penn.
  • Bowser Street, from Wells to Barthold’s Addition, Second Street.

A resolution was put forth at the time to change Ninth Street to Capital Street and Tenth Street to Manhattan Street. That resolution went nowhere, as the names of those two streets were changed, in January 1898, to McKee and Colerick Streets.

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