1941: Hamilton County, and Proposed State Roads

14 February 1941. Announcement was made that the Hamilton County Road Superintendent was advised that the Indiana State Highway Commission was looking into some road work in the county. The plan was to widen the Range Line Highway (US 31), and to add two new state roads. All of the projects were to be considered part of the national defense program.

The project that the County Superintendent thought was most important was the widening of the Range Line Road from the Hamilton-Marion County line to the Hamilton-Tipton County Line. County Road Superintendent Carey said “his understanding is that it might be widened to a two lane highway or he had understanding there was a possibility that it might be converted into a four lane road.” (Source: Noblesville Ledger, 14 February 1941). Some property owners had been contacted about right of way acquisition at that time, as well.

“It is recalled that the last time the widening of this road attracted much attention was 2 or 3 years ago when the Commission sought to secure the right-of-way but the project was dropped when it was ascertained that 90 per cent of the abutting property owners were opposed to the change.”

Two state roads were proposed at the time. The first one would be across the south part of the county, starting southwest of Carmel on the Range Line Highway, traveling east across the Delaware and Fall Creek townships, connecting with State Road 67 a short distance south of Anderson. This project had been running around in the minds of the ISHC for years.

The second road proposal involved a road that started at Fort Benjamin Harrison, connecting to Hamilton County southeast of Fishers. “This road might be of an advantage for military purposes, the State Commission and Federal government officials think.” The proposed road would give the fort an outlet to the north, which it did not have (or really still doesn’t).

Both proposed roads would be new construction. There was no way of knowing, at the time, how far these projects would progress. But considering that the county was contacted at all lent credence to the proposals.

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