Early 1935 Route Number Changes

“State Road 21 Now U. S. Route” read the headline on page 11 in the 18 February 1935 edition of the Muncie Star Press. The story was published to let people know that the Indiana State Highway Commission had made several changes in the numbering of roads in the Hoosier State. The headline made reference to the new US 35 that had been extended to Indiana.

“Seven changes in route numbers on Indiana state highways, one affecting this city, were announced yesterday by the state highway commission at Indianapolis.” As had been mentioned before in this blog, state highways and US highways, according to the state agency that controls such things (Indiana State Highway Commission, Department of Highways, Department of Transportation) are actually the same things. Really, a US highway is only a state highway that uses the same number when it crosses a state line. As such, in Indiana, when a US route is extended into Indiana, any state road that has that number has to be changed.

“This city will be affected by the establishment of U. S. 35, a new route entering Indiana east of Richmond and extending through Richmond, Muncie, Jonesboro, Kokomo and Burlington to Logansport over former state roads 21 and 22, and from Logansport to Michigan City over state road 29. U. S. 35 extends from Charleston, W. Va., to Michigan City.”

The news story about this extension of US 35 was almost accurate. SR 22 would not be replaced by US 35…only multiplex with it. SR 21, for some time, would have the same treatment, as covered here. The routing of US 35 along SR 22 from Kokomo to Burlington, and SR 29 from Burlington to Logansport, would only last until a planned highway connecting Kokomo directly to Logansport would be built. It was put on maps in 1936 as an extension of SR 17 that entered Logansport from the north. It appeared on maps as pending not only in 1936, but also in 1937. SR 17 returned in 1941 to Official Highway Maps. When the road was opened, it was a replacement for US 35 from Kokomo and Logansport. The SR 17 designation just went away.

The news article then goes on to describe other changes in route numbers made at that time. The first one mentioned after US 35 was State Road 135. “Formerly state road 35, the change being made to avoid conflict with the new U. S. 35. No change is made in the route, however, which extends from Mauckport to Indianapolis.” I have covered this change several times over the little more than a year this blog has existed.

A typo appeared in the next route mentioned: “U. S. 151.” This route, which was actually US 152, was designated as a new relief route from Indianapolis to Chicago. The old route, US 52, and the new one, shared the same road until it reached Montmorenci, northwest of Lafayette. Here, US 52 headed off to end at US 41 (until the next paragraph), while US 152 took off north along SR 53, to end at US 41 at Crown Point after going through Remington and Hebron. This road would be covered in a blog entry on 28 January 2020. Indiana eliminated US 152 within four years, being that the US route was 2/3 a multiplex and entirely in the state.

As mentioned in the above paragraph about US 152, US 52 also ended at US 41. In US 52’s case, it ended at the junction of US 41, US 24 and US 52. US 52 followed US 41 from its junction northwest of Fowler. US 52, at the time of this article, was extended along US 24 into Illinois. “It now extended from Indiana to the Canadian border.” This does not take into consideration the eastern section of the road leaving Indianapolis for Cincinnati and points beyond.

An extension of US 150 also happened at this time. US 150 ended at its junction, at Shoals, with US 50. The extension would carry US 150 along US 50 to Vincennes, then along US 41 to Terre Haute. At Terre Haute, instead of multiplexing with another road to enter Illinois, the State Highway Commission changed SR 46 to US 150 northwest of Terre Haute. From the Illinois border, the road would continue on to Davenport, Iowa.

Another state road number created to avoid confusion with a new US highway was SR 352. At the Great Renumbering, a road connecting Boswell on US 41 to Templeton had two different route numbers…SR 22 and temporary US 52. By 1932, this route would lose its SR 22 designation in favor of SR 152. In early 1935, due to the coming of US 152, the old SR 152 was changed to SR 352. Even though US 152 went away, the SR 352 designation would remain to this day. Of course, there is a SR 152 in Lake County today, as well.

The last route number change that would occur in early 1935 would be a change to what was the original State Road 1…US 31. Near both New Albany and Jeffersonville, there were two US 31’s…both coming from Kentucky. Through New Albany was US 31W, the original SR 1. The route through Jeffersonville was marked as US 31E. The change made by the State Highway Commission took the old US 31W, changing it to US 31. The old US 31E would be changed to a business route, marked US 31B. This would not be the last change in US 31 in the area, as mentioned in “The Many US 31s of Floyd and Clark Counties.”

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