Road Trip 1926: A Recap, and a Couple of Other Articles

For those of you that found the Road Trip 1926 series interesting, I wanted to post a recap, and a link list, to all of the articles in the series, and a couple of articles that I wrote before I started posting the series.

The Road Trip 1926 series started on 14 June 2019, and ran in numeric order, with the exception of US 52 and SR 11, until 9 May 2020. Almost a year. I didn’t realize that it took that long to do the entire run.

Planned “Road Trip 1926,” SR 67, and Romona, Indiana: When I originally did the Road Trip 1926 series on Facebook, I found my attention being dragged to a point on SR 67 called Romona, a town along the old road and the Indianapolis & Vincennes Railroad. It wasn’t too long before the road was routed around Romona, and the town became a dead end at Mill Creek. I am hoping to make this particular Road Trip 1926…and plan to drag my way back to the dead end that is Romona. And an old state road bridge that is still back there. That is, if I can do it legally.

Planned “Road Trip 1926,” SR 9 and Mount Etna, Indiana: Part of the original Indianapolis-Fort Wayne State Road, the section of the original SR 9 near Mount Etna was moved for one major reason: the building of Salamonie Lake. The old road became just a bit flooded when the lake was built.

And now, the link list for the complete “Road Trip 1926” series.

SR 1
SR 2
SR 3
SR 6
SR 7
SR 9
SR 10
SR 11
US 12
SR 15
SR 16
US 20
SR 22
US 24
SR 26
US 27
SR 28
SR 29
US 30
US 31
SR 32
SR 34
SR 35
US 36
SR 37
SR 39
US 40
US 41
SR 43
SR 44
SR 45
SR 46
US 50
US 52
SR 53

SR 54
SR 55
SR 56
SR 57
SR 59
SR 61
SR 62
SR 63
SR 64
SR 65
SR 67
US 112
US 150

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