I-465 On the East Side of Marion County

This article is going to be very graphics heavy. I want to show what was being reported in the newspapers of the time about the construction of I-465…using the newspapers of the time.

First, the contracts for the building of the interstate…and their bidding times, at least as shown in the Indianapolis News of 25 November 1965.

In the Indianapolis Star of 30 December 1964, the following was reported: “(The Indiana State Highway Commission) Approved a $185,975 purchase price for the property of Pritchett, Hunt and O’Grady Inc. bowling lanes at 7714 East Washington Street, which is on the site of the planned interchange of U.S. 40 (Washington Street) and the east leg of Interstate 465. (Executive Director) Goodwin said negotiation on the bowling property has been the chief cause of delay in proceeding with I-465 construction north to U.S. 40 from the road’s end south of U.S. 52. Construction will probably begin in the spring.”

The following photo from the 1 May 1969 issue of the Indianapolis News shows interstate construction at Fall Creek. The News also makes a point to state they are correcting the caption, as they originally claimed it was I-65 at 22nd Street.

5 thoughts on “I-465 On the East Side of Marion County

  1. The southbound lanes of I-465 at Fall Creek wiped out a beautiful natural woods, unofficially (I think) called Woolens Gardens. It was a lovely place where Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts held day camps and overnights. It also took out a significant portion of another natural piece of land that was part of the Skiles Test property – the House of Blue Lights. Fortunately, the Boy Scouts’ Camp Belzer survived. Spent many a pleasant outing there.


  2. — Northside I-465 was constructed as only Four Lanes Wide at both the I-865 and I-74 interchanges, because Meridian and Keystone were to be improved to Expressways, and Binford improved to Freeway, so that the Northside could quickly and easily access Indianapolis Downtown …. Cheapskate lazy city never made the improvements, thus the Northside was cut off from Downtown, so had to build it’s own places such as Keystone Crossing office buildings and mall, Pyramid office complex, and Castleton mall. Carmel even built it’s own giant Medical complex, complete with multiple hospitals …. Indianapolis lost a ton of much needed revenue, by not making the road improvements 😦


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