Authorized Additions from Alexandria to Portland

When I did the Road Trip 1926 series entries for SR 28 and SR 67, I mentioned that the complete route hadn’t been added to the state highway system for each of those routes. There were going to what was called “Authorized additions,” allowing expansion to the system. The addition to SR 28 would connect the two sections of that highway, since it didn’t exist between the western section at Alexandria and the eastern section at Muncie. The addition to SR 67 would carry that number from Muncie to the Indiana-Ohio State Line east of Bryant. But these authorized additions had already been planned.

The Alexandria Times-Tribune of 22 March 1926 ran a news story on page 1 of that day’s paper with the headline “Three Routes Mentioned For New State Road.” The Indiana State Highway Commission was working on a plan to connect Alexandria to Portland via an extension of what was then State Road 19. As mentioned in the headline, the state was deciding on one of three routes to accomplish this task.

The first choice for the routing would take OSR 19 due east from Alexandria along what was called the “East Washington Street Pike,” or Washington Street in Alexandria and Madison County Road 1100 N/Delaware County Road 500N due east. This road would cross what was called “Old Trail Pike” northwest of Muncie. From what I can tell, this is now known as Wheeling Pike. The report stated that the route would continue along 500N to meet OSR 13 at Royerton then continue east to connect to the Muncie-Albany Road, which would carry traffic towards Portland.

Plan two would have the OSR 19 extension leaving OSR 11 north of Alexandria two and a half miles north of the town, and traveling through Gaston. The route used for this is hard to determine, but it would be safe to assume that the state road would follow a relatively straight line between Gaston and Albany, allowing the use of the same Muncie-Albany (Portland) to get to its Portland destination.

The last plan was to have the OSR 19 extension leave OSR 11 four miles south of Alexandria, along the Jackson Street Pike between OSR 19 and Muncie. From here, the route to Portland would follow OSR 13 until the Muncie-Albany and OSR 13 parted ways at what is now Broadway and Old State Road 3 northeast of Muncie. It is pointed out in the newspaper article that Muncie would push hard for a southern route.

While the state was deciding which route would be used between Alexandria and Portland, both Madison and Delaware Counties were not spending money to improve any route that might be used…so no work was being done.

With the Great Renumbering a little over six months later, the extension of OSR 19 had been turned into Authorized Additions of both new SR 28 and new SR 67. The marking of the authorized addition to new SR 28 showed the Washington Street Pike route. By 1929, SR 28 had used the Washington Street Pike route out of Alexandria, connecting SR 28 to SR 67 northeast of Muncie, and SR 28 would turn south into Muncie to travel east to Farmland. SR 67 was designated, and mostly completed, to the Indiana-Ohio State Line.

By late 1930, SR 28 had been moved one mile north of Alexandria, continuing in a straight line along the then SR 28 corridor through Tipton and Elwood. A year later, SR 28 was truncated to its junction with SR 67, and the old new SR 28 leaving Muncie to the east would be renumbered SR 32. The truncation was temporary, as the state had an authorized addition to SR 28 connecting Albany to Union City via Ridgeville and Deerfield. This is the route that SR 28 follows today.

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