Road Trip 1926: SR 67

Today’s Road Trip is the longest in the state. SR 67 has a unique place in the history of the state highway system. The number was assigned as a wish, actually. There was talk, when the US Routes were being decided, that there would be a US highway connecting Cairo, Illinois, to Cleveland, Ohio. That US route would be US 67. It would assumed that the route would cross Indiana from southwest to northeast. So SR 67 was the number assigned to a route from Vincennes to Muncie, which was already part of the state system. It would also be used for an authorized addition from Muncie to Portland, then from Bryant to the Indiana-Ohio state line.

The US designation never came to Indiana, as US 67 kept going due north through Illinois. But the SR 67 number would remain. The importance of this number is obvious when one looks at Pendleton Pike in Marion County. There are places along that road that are named after the road, even though the route also includes, since the mid-1930s, US 36 through the county. Even when it was rerouted along 38th Street, the old road from downtown to 38th Street was given a number that was a daughter of SR 67, not US 36: SR 367.

This is going to include a LOT of maps…36 Google maps, and four snippets from the 1926 Indiana Official State Highway Map. Warning you ahead of time. Also, the maps in this post are in reverse order, starting at Vincennes and ending at Muncie. This is different because I have tried to make the maps fit together in a cohesive pattern. Due to the way SR 67 crossed the entire state, I decided to start from the beginning at Vincennes. I honestly hope it doesn’t create too much confusion.

For further reading on this subject, I want to include here the following blog entries that I have already posted: SR 267, SR 367, SR 67 – Why?, SR 67 in SW Marion County, US 36 in Indiana, and Planned “Road Trip 1926,” SR 67, and Romona, Indiana.


5 thoughts on “Road Trip 1926: SR 67

  1. I have been waiting for this one! I’ve wanted to do an SR 67 road trip for years and years. It’s first on my list for the next time I get to make a trip — might be 2021 or 2022 at the rate life is going. But you’ve done almost all of the research for me here and I tip my hat to you!


    1. I have been thinking about making that very same trip…since I did the original Road Trip 1926: SR 67 on the Facebook group a year and a half ago. It looks like it will be more successful than, say, a SR 37 Road Trip 1926. A few rough spots…but that’s to be expected. I am REALLY interested in the section at Romona, and how much of it can still be travelled.


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