City Maps, 1926-1930

How much did the state routes in cities change between 1926 and 1930. Depends. Most of the time the answer is not much. But I put together a collection of city maps from the Indiana Official State Highway Maps from October 1926, January 1929, October 1929 and January 1930.

One thought on “City Maps, 1926-1930

  1. A couple things that blow me away about these maps:

    1. In South Bend, US 31 jogs one block east on North Shore Blvd and follows Leeper Ave north out of town! Wow! Now next time I’m in town I have to go look and see if Leeper Ave has any telltale signs of old highway pavement. I can see how the current road was curved to remove that jig-jog.

    2. In Terre Haute, for a time, US 41 followed EIGHTH street, not Seventh! I never knew that! I lived on Eighth Street a few blocks north of Lafayette Ave in my TH days and the road was one-way south then. I wonder what street 41 used to cross over from Seventh to Eighth. Probably Hulman or Poplar.

    3. Interesting to me to see that in Indy SR 29 followed Meridian to 30th at first, then Capitol to 38th.

    4. 3rd St. in Logansport apparently used to be Grand St.


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