Road Trip 1926: SR 61

Today’s “Road Trip 1926” entry is going to be one of the shortest in the series. When I did this series originally in 2018 in the Facebook Indiana Transportation History group, all the maps were at the same scale, with the exception of, I believe, US 50, since that is the one that I started with. Keeping that in mind, the map of this route is ONE image. And even then, it is rather large because the road is so short.

The official description issued by the Indiana State Highway Commission is as follows: “State Road 61 – Petersburg to Booneville, by way of Winslow, Spurgeon and Lynnville.” The map on the left below shows the route of SR 61 as printed on the 1926 Indiana Official Highway Map. It shows authorized additions from Vincennes to Petersburg, and from Winslow to Boonville. The section covered in this road trip is the section from SR 56 north to Petersburg. It is possible that SR 61 did multiplex with SR 56 to Winslow. I have not seen proof of that, nor do I have really any reason to show that since SR 56 has already been done.

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