Road Trip 1926: SR 56

Today’s Road Trip would eventually be across the entire state of Indiana. However, when the Great Renumbering happened, the road connected Princeton to Paoli, and Scottsburg to Lawrenceburg. The rest of the route would be finally added by 30 September 1929, with the Mt. Carmel to Princeton section being the last to become part of the state highway system.

State Road 56 – Cross-state road from Mt. Carmel, Ill., to Lawrenceburg, Ind., by way of Princeton, Fransisca, Oakland City, Moren, Winslow, Cato, Jasper, Haysville, Crystal, Hillham, French Lick, West Baden, Paoli, Salem, Little York, Scottsburg, Blocher, Kent, Madison, Brooksburg, Lamb, Vevay, Mt. Sterling, Rising Sun and Aurora. (The Mt. Carmel (Ill.) – Princeton and the Paoli-Scottsburg sections are new additions to the state system. The remainder of the route is now known as State Road 40.)

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