Road Trip 1926: SR 54

Today we focus on a short state road that had a great deal of authorized additions already planned. SR 54 was described in the official announcements as follows: “State Road 54 – Merom to Bedford by way of Sullivan, Dugger, Linton, Switz City, Bloomfield, Cincinnati, Hobbleville, Popcorn, Springville and Oolitic. (The part between Sullivan and Bloomfield is now known as State Road 4.)”

The road, as it appeared on the Indiana Official State Highway Map of 1 October 1926 (as shown below) only consisted of the section that before the Great Renumbering was SR 4. The sections on either end would be added in the next year or two to the State Highway System.

One thought on “Road Trip 1926: SR 54

  1. If you look closely, you will notice a Wabash River crowing into Palestine IL. There was a ferry that ran across the river at that point, before the Sullivan-Hutsonville bridge was constructed in 1938.


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