US 152

Indiana has had two very short lived US routes that traversed the state. One, which I will cover later as part of the Road Trip 1926 series, US 112, and another that existed from 1934 to 1938. That second road was known as US 152.

US 152 started, at the south end, in Indianapolis. The road was multiplexed with its “mother” route, US 52, northwest out of Indianapolis via old Lafayette State Road. This multiplex carried both roads through Lebanon to Lafayette. When the US 52 bypass was built around Lafayette, it also included US 152.

The multiplex of US 52/152 ended at Montmorenci. While US 52 continued to the northwest, US 152 turned due north. It would stay going this direction, with a short correction, until it met US 24 near and through Walcott. US 24 and 152 were multiplexed to Remington, where US 152 turned north again.

US 152 continued its northward journey through Rensselaer to where the road met SR 10 near Kersey. The road then multiplexed with SR 10 until they turned separate ways (SR 10 west south, US 152 north) near Demotte. US 152 again continues north until it reached Hebron. At Hebron, it turned northwest, connecting to Crown Point. There, it turned due west, ending at US 41. In the early days of its existence, US 52 also ended at US 41 near Fowler. So both roads, when created, ended at this major US route in western Indiana.

As I mentioned before, US 152 had a very short life. By 1939, all references to US 152 disappeared from the state. The section that was US 152 from Montmorenci to Crown Point became SR 53 in 1939. From Crown Point to US 41, it was recommissioned SR 8. By 1942, SR 53 was moved to the east of Crown Point, and the section between Hebron and the new SR 53 became a multiplex of SR 8 and SR 53, with the continuation into Crown Point being just SR 8.

According to the Indiana Official State Highway maps of 1953, the US route designation would be returned to the old US 152 routing from Lafayette to US 41 west of Crown Point. This time, however, it would become known, as it still is today, as US 231. It would also retain it state road designations until 1971. This would leave US 231 a solo road from the time it left its multiplex with US 52 from Lafayette to Montmorenci. Below Lafayette, US 231 stayed multiplexed with state roads through the rest of Indiana…mostly SR 43. But that is a subject for another post.

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