Road Trip 1926: US 50

Today’s Road Trip concerns the subject of the very first Road Trip 1926 I posted in the Indiana Transportation History group over on Facebook. It happens to be one of the most moved roads in the state.

The official description, as posted in newspapers across Indiana in September, 1926, is as follows: “U. S. Route 50 – Across Indiana from Vincennes to the Ohio line wast of Lawrenceburg through Washington, Loogootee, Shoals, Mitchel, Beford, Brownstown, Seymour, North Vernon, Versailles, Aurora and Lawrenceburg. From Vincennes to Loogootee this is now known as State Road 5, from that point to Mitchell as State Road 41, from Mitchell to Bedford as State Road 22 and from Bedford to the Ohio line as State Road 4.”


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