Road Trip 1926: SR 43

It’s Saturday again. Today, we are focusing on what, before the Great Renumbering, was SR 32. OSR 32 connected Spenser to Lafayette. When the number was changed to SR 43, it included an authorized addition to connect Lafayette to Michigan City. That will not be included here, as it wasn’t part of the new SR 43 in October 1926.

The ISHC described new SR 43 as follows: “Michigan City to Spenser. (Between Spenser and Lafayette this is now a part of State Road 32. That part between Lafayette and Michigan City is the new road to be added soon, passing through Brookston, Chalmers, Reynolds, Monon, Medaryville, LaCrosse, Wanatah and Westville.”

The original SR 32 would become, in 1951, US 231. The authorized addition remains SR 43. This is, of course, including reroutes and bypasses put in place over the last 93 years.

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