Road Trip 1926: SR 39

Today’s Road Trip focuses on a road that was numbered in two sections, one of which was around one mile long. The official description, released by the Indiana State Highway Commission describes the road as connecting Monticello to Lebanon, using the then current State Road 44, and “the short pavement west out of Martinsville to White River, about one mile long.”

The section out of Martinsville, while marked on the last map as using the current SR 39, that’s not entirely accurate. The original SR 39 at Martinsville actually runs north of the current route. The old route is still partially in place as a section of brick pavement running west from Park Avenue, between Pike and Harrison Streets. The entirety of the 1926 SR 39 in that area basically doesn’t exist. Even the bridge that is there now is south (barely) of the old route. The road is so minor now, that getting a Google map of the original road is only possible if you zoom in, requiring two maps to show less than one mile of travel.

The two sections of this road were connected with a 1930 authorized addition to the state road system. That connection would appear on the 1932 Official Indiana State Highway Map.

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