Road Trip 1926: SR 34

Today, we aim for western Indiana to cover the new SR 34 created on 01 October 1926. The plan for this state road was to connect the Illinois-Indiana state line at Beckwith to Indianapolis. The problem was that when the new signs were posted, only the section from the state line to Crawfordsville was part of the state highway system. The rest of the line, through New Ross, Jamestown, Lizton, Pittsboro, Brownsburg and Speedway to Indianapolis was an authorized addition. That section wouldn’t be added until the next year.

The section from Crawfordsville west was part of original State Road 33. The entire route had been part of the Dixie Highway.

3 thoughts on “Road Trip 1926: SR 34

  1. Underrepresented fact: the eastbound Dixie Highway left Covington on 11th St. and turned left onto Dixie Bee Rd., which becomes State St. in Veedersburg, which lines up with US 136 starting at US 41.

    Also: studying your maps I see there’s an old alignment of 41 through Veedersburg. I am just dying to do 41 in Indiana for all the glorious old alignments.


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