Original SR 10 (US 41) Routes Through Knox County

As state roads were added to the Indiana State Highway Commission’s sphere of responsibility, the roads taken into the system were in place for many years. These old roads had been used by locals for a, sometimes, over a century. Such a road was the trail that led from Vincennes to Terre Haute. But as the ISHC grew, it was decided that some of these routes should be relocated for safety and distance reasons. Again, such a route was the trail that led from Vincennes to Terre Haute.

Accepted into the state highway system in 1920, original state road (OSR) 10 connected Evansville to near Chicago. OSR 10, north of Vincennes, used a very curved route on its way to Oaktown. By 1925, the ISHC started looking at moving this section of the road closer to the Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad. The Indianapolis Star of 09 March 1925 gave a small space to the prospect of a change in the route.

As shown in the image to the left, from the same issue of the Indianapolis Star mentioned above, the “established road” of OSR 10 was fairly curvy route through northern Knox County. Brick pavement was already in place for the first three miles out of Vincennes. The proposed new route would require the road change before the end of that brickwork.

Coming out of Vincennes, what is now Terre Haute Street, which has been removed in many section, and Old Terre Haute Road were originally part of OSR 10. It then turned north…but the route has been since removed with the building of the US 50 bypass. N. Old Highway 41/Camp Arthur Road was the original route. The new proposed route would turn north at what is now US 41/150. This lasts for .7 miles, where the replacement route becomes North Old 41. The current US 41/150 is a bypass of the original bypass. The current highway spends its time between the original OSR 10 and the replacement version of the same. The Camp Arthur Road version turns north on what is now SR 550, following that for .4 mile, where it turns onto Emison Mills Road. It stays on this road until it connects to North Old 41 after crossing the current US 41/150.

In this area, the original route was not replaced by this proposed change. More or less, actually. The road crosses over the railroad on an overpass now, but it was at grade originally. The old road can be seen on this 1875 map of Knox County. And the afterwards is available on this 1933 road map of Knox County.

One thought on “Original SR 10 (US 41) Routes Through Knox County

  1. I’m fascinated with the alignment history of US 41 in Indiana. Especially down south. There were so many paths that road took over time. I’ve driven some of them, but I very much would like to undertake a comprehensive US 41 tour one year.


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