ISHC and Railroad Grade Crossing Removal: 1937

Among other projects, the Indiana State Highway Commission, in an effort to make transportation on its highway even safer, had, very early on, decided that the numerous railroad crossings should be eliminated. Today, I would like to focus on 13 projects that were put in place in May 1937.

These projects, listed by ISHC Chairman Earl Crawford, included “six new overheads and underpasses will be built, a road will be relocated to eliminate three crossings and six more separations will be rebuilt.” These projects “were announced as the federal bureau of roads approved preliminary places. Federal funds allotted to the state will meet costs.”

The following projects, according to the Indianapolis News of 04 May 1937, “on which bids will be taken soon” are listed below.

Reconstruction of overhead on US 27 over the Baltimore & Ohio railroad southeast of Liberty in Union County. Some research is due on this project, as a quick look at a satellite photo of the area shows an old alignment of US 27 at that point.

US 27 crossing of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad southeast of Liberty, as shown on Google Maps as of 26 August 2019.

SR 63, also over the B&O, at Hillside in Vermillion County.

Reconstruction of overhead on SR 2 over the Chicago & Erie railroad north of Hebron in Porter County.

Northeast of Gosport, on SR 67, construction of a bridge over the Monon in Owen County.

Bridge over the New York Central at Longnecker, in Dearborn County, on SR 46.

Another Dearborn County bridge over the New York Central on US 50 east of Greendale to be reconstructed.

South of Noblesville, in Hamilton County, on SR 13 (now old SR 37), reconstruction of underpass of Nickle Plate.

Current view of the Nickle Plate bridge over SR 13 (now old SR 37) south of Noblesville. Image courtesy of Google Maps, snipped 26 August 2019.

Construction of overhead over the Pennsylvania Railroad and relocated US 40 west of Dunreith. This is listed as “part of relocation of Road 40 from Knightstown to Dunreith eliminating present hazardous crossing at Dunreith.” This bridge was removed later, since the PRR, as part of Conrail, at this point was abandoned in the early 1980’s.

Construction of underpass in Lake County, southeast of Crown Point, under the Pennsylvania Railroad on SR 55. This is listed as “part of extension of Road (SR) 55 south of Road (US) 152.”

Construction of overhead on SR 64 over the Southern Railroad at Milltown in Crawford County.

Reconstruction of the SR 13 bridge over the Chicago & Erie railroad south of North Manchester in Wabash County.

Reconstruction of the bridge over the Chesapeake & Ohio south of Richmond, in Wayne County, on SR 21. The number of SR 21 would be completely removed from Indiana eventually. This section of SR 21 became SR 227.

Relocation of SR 60 at Pekin, in Washington County, “eliminating three grade crossings over Monon railroad.”

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