SR 13/37 in Marion and Hamilton Counties

On of the last state roads owned by the Indiana State Highway Commission to be added to the Indianapolis area would cover what was created as the Indianapolis-Fort Wayne State Road in Marion and Hamilton Counties. This road, now known as Allisonville Road, became an authorized addition to the state system in 1930. The following year, the road was given a number: SR 13.

The history of the road goes back to the early days of the state. The original road started at North and Pennsylvania Streets, to this day called Fort Wayne Avenue. The road then followed what is now Central Avenue north from town. There were even articles in the newspaper that Central Avenue be renamed Fort Wayne Road in the late 19th, early 20th century. Eventually, the road branched from Fall Creek where Keystone Avenue now crossed the creek. The road then headed north-northeast towards Noblesville.

With the creation of the State Highway Commission, state roads were to connect every county seat. To connect Indianapolis to Noblesville, the route originally would require a traveler to use SR 32 west to US 31 at Westfield, then south to Indianapolis. The direct route, Allisonville Road, had been a toll pike, then a county road.

With the authorized addition of the route into the state highway system, the ISHC started working on upgrading the future highway. The original path of the new state road through Hamilton County took a circuitous route from Noblesville north to Strawtown. Part of this circuitous crossed White River twice. One of these crossings is in a park north of Noblesville, and known as Potter’s Bridge. The other crossing is at what is now 211th Street. That bridge is now gone, but its location can still be seen.

Out of Indianapolis, SR 13 started at the corner of Fall Creek Parkway and Meridian Street (US 31). SR 13 then followed Fall Creek Parkway to its intersection with Allisonville Road/Keystone Avenue. It then followed Allisonville Road out to Noblesville. The Fall Creek Parkway route would change, routing along 38th Street along with other state roads (SR 67 and US 36).

Some of you might be asking “SR 13?” Yes. This route would have this designation until 1940, when it was renumbered SR 37. SR 13 would be moved to where it is now, with it being extended to Greenfield.

This route of SR 37 was used until the SR 37 bypass through Castleton was built in 1957. Noblesville argued that the original SR 37 should be maintained, even though the bypass was built. The original was redesignated SR 37A. It would remain that way into the early 1980s.

3 thoughts on “SR 13/37 in Marion and Hamilton Counties

  1. Excellent! I remember riding on it from Indianapolis to Noblesville through Allisonville priot to the current route through Castleton (plus I remember Castleton and Hillcrest nurseries surrounded by corn fields (dating me!)


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