Short State Roads to State Facilities

One of the things that the Indiana State Highway Commission was tasked with from the very beginning was to add roads to the state highway system that would connect facilities owned by the state. Sometimes this created very short roads, that exist for no other reason, to connect those facilities that weren’t already on the state road system. Here are a four of these.

SR 134, Marion County: Known locally as Girls School Road, this short .5 mile highway connected SR 34 (later US 136) to the Indiana Girl’s School, a reformatory for girls and young women. This road started showing up on ISHC maps in 1939. Even though the Girl’s School has become the Indiana Women’s Reformatory, SR 134 still exists.

SR 140, Henry County: Listed as under construction in 1937, this state road is two miles long, heading south out of Knightstown. It connects US 40 to the Indiana Soldier’s and Sailor’s Home. The Soldier’s Home was created in 1865 for veterans of the Civil War. Eventually, it became a home and school for veteran orphans, then for “at risk” children. In 2011, it was transferred to the property of the Indiana National Guard.

SR 158, Lawrence County: This .5 mile road was created in 1933 to connect SR 58 to what was at the time the Moses Fell Annex Farm, now the Feldun Purdue Agricultural Center. When SR 158 was created, SR 58 left Oolitic, more or less, due west. SR 58 was rerouted to multiplex with SR 54 with the pending creation of the Crane Naval Depot in the Martin County State Forest. The old SR 58 from Oolitic to the Martin-Lawrence County line became SR 158, so there was a “main” SR 158 and a branch to the farm. This situation changed in 1951, when the farm branch was renumbered to SR 458.

SR 524, Wabash County: Another short road, created in 1941, that connected US 24 in Lagro to the Salamonie River State Forest. At the time, US 24 went through the town of Lagro as what is now the Blue Star Highway. This would change with the US 24 Lagro Bypass that was finished in 2001. SR 524 was then extended along the old US 24 route to the west of the town.

These are just a few of the examples of ISHC/INDOT creating short roads for this purpose. There are more, and I will cover those at a later date.

This marks the 150th post in the Indiana Transportation History blog. Thank you all for your support. I really do appreciate it.

One thought on “Short State Roads to State Facilities

  1. A minor addition, SR140 enters Rush County as the old Soldiers and Sailors Home is in Rush County.

    The at risk program is the Hoosier Youth Challenge, that is run by the National Guard and is a great program.

    Congrats on 150 posts, I love reading them and learning from them

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