SR 209 and SR 109: SR 9’s Central Indiana Daughter Routes

All over Indiana, there are roads that at one time or another had been a state road. Most of these are from roads that were rerouted for safety or economic reasons. Some were just abandoned by the state. Rural Hancock County has two such roads. One, which I will cover at a later date, was the Greenfield-Noblesville Road, which had been SR 13 and SR 238 in its time. The other is a short stretch of road connecting US 40 to SR 234 through Willow Branch. That one was SR 209.

Hancock County Road 600E was the path for SR 209. The road started appearing on Indiana Official maps in 1941. I would have to assume that it was created to make an alternate route to driving through downtown Greenfield, and its tight turns at SR 9. Or, at least for northbound SR 9. As mentioned before, the road only connected from US 40 north to SR 234. SR 234 would connect to both SR 9 and SR 13, allowing westbound traffic on US 40 to go around Greenfield to get to Noblesville, Pendleton or Anderson.

SR 9’s daughter routes, both SR 109 and 209, were added to the state road system at the same time. The southern section of SR 109 eventually connected Knightstown to Anderson. On the 1941 map, this section only exists in Hancock and Henry Counties. At that time, the planned northward turn of SR 109 was due north of the route that SR 209 occupied ending at SR 234. SR 109 ended abruptly at the Hancock-Madison County line after adding Nashville (Hancock County) and Warrington to the connected state road system.

By 1942, SR 109 was rerouted and extended. Nashville (Hancock County) had been bypassed when the road was turned north at Warrington.

SR 209 was removed from the state highway system in 1973. It reverted to Hancock County maintenance at that time. SR 109 is still in place, although north of I-69, it has become the route of SR 9 through the east side of Anderson.

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