On the old state road that connected Shelbyville to Hope and Columbus, a small place just north of the Bartholomew-Shelby County Line called Norristown exists. The old road came straight south into Norristown on what is now CR 100E, turned west along CR 1100S, then south along CR 50E. When SR 9 was extended south from Greenfield in 1931, the new state road would follow this route.

1932 ISHC Official Map showing Norristown.

On would think that this would be the end of the story. But the Indiana State Highway Commission and Shelby County make a few changes over the next 80 years. Among these changes would be a bypass of the little burgh of Norristown, a new bridge, and then INDOT coming along to take it back as a different entity.

Norristown is actually an unincorporated community in southern Shelby County. Flat Rock, the closest railroad station to the town, is due west of there. The road connecting the two was a winding affair, and had been for many years before the ISHC came into being. That winding road is shown on the 1932 map snippet above.

USGS Topo map of Norristown

The first change made by the ISHC to SR 9 is shown in the topo map to the left. The road that leads southwest past the cemetery just west of Norristown was made part of the state highway system, with the remaining section of what is now 1100 S being removed. That “new” section is, to this day, part of SR 9.

By 1970, that section was added to a curving section to make SR 9 a “straight” road, removing Norristown from SR 9 permanently. Around the same time, Shelby County rerouted CR 1100S over Tough Creek, making it a curved road between SR 9 and CR 50E. CR 50E was the connector road to Flat Rock Road, the winding route between the two towns.

Fast forward to 2007. INDOT decided to extend SR 252 from its end at Flat Rock (literally just stopping in the middle of that town) to SR 9. The decision was made to replace the old Flat Rock road with new construction along the line of Shelby CR 1100S. The new road is one of the straightest roads in the state, with one exception. The new SR 252 uses the replacement route and bridge over Tough Creek built by Shelby County. This made (the replacement of) the original SR 9 in the area once again INDOT responsibility.

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