Last of the “Dustless” State Roads

How long were “non-paved” state roads shown on Indiana Official State Highway Maps? Well, that would be the map of 1972-1973. But what do I mean by “non-paved?” Roads on the maps had always been listed in three categories. In the 1960s and 70s, they were multilane, two lane, and dustless. Dustless, in this case, was a category that covers, usually, oil covered gravel roads. And Indiana still had them on the official maps in 1972. But what were they?

Knox County had more than their fair share of them. The above map shows them. The non-solid lines are listed as “dustless” state roads. On this map, that would be: SR 58 from SR 159 at Freelandville to the Knox-Daviess County line; SR 59 from Linton (in Greene County) to SR 58 south of Sandborn; SR 61 from SR 241 south about four miles; SR 159 from the Knox County line to SR 67 at Bicknell; SR 241 from US 41 near Decker to SR 61; and SR 550 from old US 41 at Emison to US 50/150 at Wheatland.

Other “dustless” roads in Indiana were in Washington County. SR 39, from the JCT SR 250 in Jackson County (southeast of Brownstown) to its southern terminus at SR 56; SR 160 for its entire length in Washington County; and SR 335 from SR 60 at Pekin to the Floyd-Washington County line.

SR 250 from the Jackson-Jennings County line east to Paris, and in Switzerland County from SR 56 at East Enterprise to the similarly dustless SR 156 at Patriot is also on that list of “dustless” roads. SR 156 was “dustless” from Vevay to the Ohio-Switzerland County line.

On the 1973/1974 Official Highway Map, the categories of roads were reduced to two: Multilane Divided and 2 Lane Paved. All of the above roads were listed as “2 lane paved.” Thus the end of the “officially listed” non-paved highways in Indiana. I am not saying that they went away completely…just that they stopped being listed on the official maps.

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