SR 367

SR 367 sign used before the early 1950s. Image was hand drawn by author.

In the beginning of the “new” state road numbering era, there were very few roads with a three digit number. Like the US highway system, three digit numbers were to be reserved for “daughter” routes of the major, or “mother,” highways. These would be added in the following decade in great numbers. But one “daughter” road that came into being in 1937 really wasn’t a “daughter” road. It could be thought of more as a “grandmother” road, since it was the original route of its “mother.” That road was SR 367.

In October, 1926, SR 67 was created to use the old Pendleton Pike toward Fort Benjamin Harrison. The section that this post concerns started at Delaware and Michigan Streets. From there, it would follow Michigan Street east to Massachusetts Avenue. Looking at a map, it’s hard to picture Massachusetts Avenue being an unbroken road to Fort Harrison. Given that the interstate (65 & 70) has basically been in place for almost 50 years, it’s not easy to grasp that the interstate wasn’t always there. (For example, I was nine years old when the interstate system was completed through downtown Indianapolis. I hardly remember anything otherwise.)

SR 67 would follow Massachusetts Avenue to the city limits, at that time 38th Street, where the name of the road became (becomes) Pendleton Pike. (Historical note: The name Pendleton Pike, and where it was used, depended on where the city limits were at the time. I have seen a map, and maybe even copied it for personal reference, that shows that Pendleton Pike started at 10th Street…because that was the end of the city. As the city limits moved, so did the end of Mass Avenue.) In 1933, the states of Indiana and Ohio came to an agreement to extend US 36 from Indianapolis east. It ended up being multiplexed with SR 67 out of Indianapolis.

By 1935, the Indiana State Highway Commission decided to move US 36/SR 67 to along the city limits at 38th Street from Pendleton Pike to Michigan Road (another street name change at the city limits, it was Northwestern Avenue inside the then Indianapolis limits). The construction would be completed by 1937. When the new US 36/SR 67 was completed, the old SR 67 became SR 367. It would stay that way for just shy of 30 years. In 1965, the state decided that it no longer needed to maintain SR 367. They then returned it to the city of Indianapolis. The “new” US 36/SR 67 would remain in place along 38th Street until the completion of I-465 around Indianapolis.

SR 367 was not the only “grandmother daughter” road in Marion County. Both sections of the former SR 431 (Westfield Blvd on the northside, Madison Avenue on the southside – Keystone Avenue was a bypass of the original SR 431 on the northside) were first parts of US 31 before bypasses were built. The tradition continues throughout the state, although INDOT tends to use 900 series numbers for the old roads. Examples are SR 931 in Tipton, Howard and St. Joseph Counties, and SR 933 in St. Joseph County.

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