SR 28 – Digging Up A Road to Remove and Replace the Base

When SR 28 was created on 1 October 1926, it only connected US 31 west of Tipton to SR 9 north of Alexandria, and from Muncie at SR 3 to Union City on the Indiana-Ohio State Line. Plans were already in place to connect these two sections. By 1929, the new section of SR 28 between SR 9 and SR 3 had been added to the state system. This road would follow Washington Street and CR 1100 N out of Alexandria in a straight line to SR 67 north of Muncie. Less than a year later, the state was already planning on moving the route. It was listed as under construction on the late 1930 map (there were two that year, one in January and one in September). By 1931, the new road was opened.

Shortly after the state realized there was a problem. It was small at first. But by 1952, the problem had gotten to the point where the Indiana State Highway Commission had to close the road between SR 9 and US 35. Northwest of Muncie, the road had been built on a peat bog. This caused the road to settle over the years in that spot.

I will let the Muncie Star of 25 April 1952 tell the rest of the story via pictures.

Muncie Star, 25 April 1952, pp 14
Muncie Star, 25 April 1952, p 14

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