The PRR at Logansport

The Pennsylvania Railroad. At one time, it was the largest industrial employer in the United States, and the largest railroad company in Indiana. The “Pennsy,” as it is still called, called three cities “home” in Indiana, with major facilities in all of them. First was Indianapolis on the St. Louis mainline, and a connection point for railroads to Louisville, Madison, Vincennes and (eventually) Chicago. Second was Fort Wayne, on the Chicago-Pittsburgh mainline, with connections south to Cincinnati and north through Michigan. The third, and subject of this post, was Logansport. This post will be covering how the railroads connecting to Logansport came to be.

First it should be mentioned that there were three companies that were part of the Pennsylvania Lines West of Pittsburgh and Erie in Indiana: the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago; the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis (aka the Panhandle); and the Vandalia. Two of these three companies would connect to Logansport. There were connections to the third from the city.

The following is a timeline of the building of the railroads calling Logansport home.

Became part of the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati,
Chicago & St. Louis in 1890

1853: Cincinnati, Logansport & Chicago built from Richmond to New Castle.

1857: Cincinnati & Chicago finishes New Castle to Logansport. This line was under construction by three companies before finished by the Cincinnati & Chicago: Cincinnati, Cambridge & Chicago Short Line; Cincinnati, New Castle and Michigan; and Cincinnati, Logansport & Chicago.

1859: Logansport, Peoria & Burlington built from Logansport to Effner, Indiana.

1861: Cincinnati & Chicago Air-Line completes the Wabash River bridge near Logansport and track connecting to the Chicago & Cincinnati. Also, the Chicago & Cincinnati completed from Logansport to a point east of Valparaiso.

1865: Chicago & Great Eastern connects La Crosse, Indiana, to Chicago.

1867: Columbus & Indiana Central completes work done by the Marion & Mississinewa Valley and the Union & Logansport from the Ohio-Indiana State Line west to Marion, Indiana.

1868: Columbus, Chicago & Indiana Central completes work done by the Marion & Logansport, the Marion & Mississinewa Valley, the Union & Logansport and the Columbus & Indiana Central from Marion to Anoka Junction.

Became part of the Vandalia in 1905

1874: Logansport & Toledo completes work done by the Auburn & Eel River Valley, the Toledo, Logansport & Northern Indiana and the Detroit, Eel River & Illinois from Butler to Logansport.

1875: Logansport, Crawfordsville and South Western opens from Rockville to Logansport.

1884: Terre Haute & Logansport completes from Logansport to South Bend.

The line from Terre Haute to Rockville is leased from the Chicago & Eastern Illinois.

Further Mergers & Leases

1917: Vandalia is merged into the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis.

1921: PRR gains total control of the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis by lease.

1956: PRR assigns the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis to the Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington.

2 thoughts on “The PRR at Logansport

  1. I am working on family history research. Trying to figure out how our family ended up in Logansport. Do you know when the Panhandle shops were built there?


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