Road Trip 1926: SR 2

The second of the “Road Trip 1926” series of maps that, with the help of Google Maps and MS Paint, I created.

A little history. In 1917 (1919), the original SR 2 was applied to the 1913 route of the Lincoln Highway. It would be changed in 1923, when the SR 2 moniker was applied to what would become US 30, or, the 1928 route of the Lincoln Highway.

In 1926, with the “Great Renumbering,” SR 2 was once again applied to the original Lincoln Highway. Or, at least, most of it. At the western end, SR 2 was extended from LaPorte to US 41 west of Lowell.

The first nine images are those of the western section of SR 2, from Lowell to US 20 outside Rolling Prairie.

The next images are of the eastern section of SR 2 of 1926 from Elkhart to Fort Wayne.

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