1937: Future State Roads that would never be.

Over the past 100 years, the predecessors to INDOT have placed a lot of different roads on the Official Highway Maps that never really came into being. A lot of them really never made sense, hence the reason they were never built. Some made too much sense, and hence, the reason they were never built. This post will show some state roads that were added to Official Highway Maps in 1937, and disappeared in 1938.

There were several roads on this map that never came into being. Let’s start with the one on the right, SR 75, connecting (the soon to be Old) SR 67 at Gosport to SR 46 between Spenser and Ellettsville. One will notice that SR 67 is being rerouted at this point.

Another state road that connected to SR 67 is SR 39 at Martinsville. The 1926 version of SR 39 only connect SR 37 to SR 67 across the White River at Martinsville. Eventually, it would connect Martinsville to Michigan City. But there were plans to connect Martinsville to SR 45 between Bloomington and Bean Blossom. (This does not include the far south section of SR 39 from south of Brownstown to SR 56.)

Another section of SR 39 planned in 1937 connected Henryville to Charlestown. Unlike the previous two sections of road, this one would come into being, although it would not be another section of SR 39. Today, this is SR 160.

Two roads near Crown Point in Lake County were also placed on the map only to disappear in 1938. These are SR 108 and SR 73. SR 73 out of Lowell north to Cedar Lake was the authorized detour for US 41 in 1926 when the US highway was being hard surfaced.

One road south of Terre Haute makes the 1937 list as well. SR 259, connecting SR 159 at Blackhawk to US 41 near Youngstown.

Another road that was (kind of) built connected Mooresville to Bargersville. That was SR 144. The two sections of “authorized addition” SR 144 shown on the 1937 map disappeared on the 1938. The section between SR 135 and SR 37 would never become part of the state highway system, although the road is there to connect the disconnected sections.

The last example is SR 334 along what is now 116th Street through Carmel and Fishers from SR 29 to SR 238. I posted an entire entry discussing this route, as well as the SR 329 shown on the left, back on 22 May 2019. It can be reached here.

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