Road Trip 1926: SR 1

On the ITH Facebook group over a year ago, I started a series of posts called the “Road Trip 1926.” Due to circumstances, I have decided to post the first two here today. I hadn’t planned on moving these over here. But, to be honest, time is not my friend today. The posts were originally all pictures, actually Google Maps that I played with in Microsoft Paint. The maps are copyright Google.

If you like this type of post, let me know. I will post more if you do.

The purpose of the original post was to show the original 01 October 1926 routing of the new State Road 1. The original route started at US 50, going north to Batesville. The northern section started again at Brookville, ending in Cambridge City at US 40. There was an authorized addition to the state highway system connecting Batesville and Brookville via Metamora. That authorized addition roughly follows SR 229 and US 52 today.

A quick look at the maps will show that SR 1 has changed quite a bit over the last 90+ years.

Black lines show roads that were existing, according to Google Maps, at the time of the original post in 2018. Orange lines show the original route that can not be followed any more. The map snippets below work their way from south to north, so the top edge of snippet one connects to the bottom edge of snippet two, and so on.

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