SR 67 in SW Marion County

When the Great Renumbering occurred in 1926, one of the few exceptions to the numbering pattern connected Indianapolis to Vincennnes. This exception was SR 67. The reason for this exception was that someone in Indianapolis believed that US 67 would be routed across Indiana to Cleveland. (I still can’t figure that out…given where US 67 is. But, hey.)

The road that would become OSR 22/SR 67 started life as one of the original state roads established by law in 1822. The road description read as follows: “from Highlands on White River to Washington, Burlington, Spencer, thence to Indianapolis – 100 miles.” In Marion County, that would become what was known as the Mooresville State Road. As with other roads established in 1822, one could get to Mooresville following the state road, it wasn’t a direct trip.

Path of the Mooresville State Road (1822)/OSR 22 (1920)/SR 67 (1926) through southwest Marion County. The dark red line shows sections that still exist. Two orange sections show parts that have been removed (one for I-465, one for safety as it crossed the Indianapolis & Vincennes Railroad).

As shown in the above map, the Mooresville State Road was not a direct route by any stretch of the imagination. Most of the route in Marion County, to this day, is still called Mooresville Road.

With the coming of the state highway system, it would take a couple of years for the addition of this very old state road. Eventually, this section would become SR 22. (Past Mooresville, it would become SR 12.) Then came the Great Renumbering. This section was made part of SR 67.

This would last right around a decade, as the state worked to make a more direct route for SR 67. This more direct route mentality was put into place along the entirety of the road from Vincennes to Indianapolis. In rural Marion County, that meant that the SR 67 would be placed along side the Indianapolis & Vincennes Railroad. The first section was shown on a 1935 map of the county showing the new road given the number SR 67W. The SR 67W section, at that time, started at Camby Road and went northeast to connect to SR 67 at Tibbs Avenue/Mooresville Road/Maywood Road. The following year, the old road would go away completely. The town of Glenns Valley would be the loser in this bypass.

As with other old roads, I recommend driving this if you get the chance. Of the two removed sections, one still connects (via bypass) two sections of the road. Over I-465, the bridge for the route is called Mooresville Road by INDOT, but the Indianapolis street signs list it as Mooresville Bypass.

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